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Founding Partner

Erick K. Alahverdian

Erick is the Founding Partner of the Alahverdian Van Leuvan, PC. and oversees all of the firm’s areas of practice. Erick started his career as a young attorney, working closely and building relationships with the people who make up insurance companies. Those relationships led Erick to opening his own firm and his firm has continued to grow ever since.

Managing Partner

Gerard R. Van Leuvan

Gerard is the Managing Pattern at the Alahverdian Van Leuvan, P.C. As the managing partner, Gerard works closely with Erick in overseeing the firm’s Liability Defense and Insurance Coverage practices, as well as daily office operations. Gerard started his career in the legal field as a Paralegal, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the claims representatives and litigation managers of multiple insurance and risk management companies.

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